Y Combinator and MIT Startup Oda Studio raises $2.8M seed round

A photo is worth a thousand words, and a highly relevant & quality optimized photo, significantly more. Oda Studio is a visual commerce platform that optimizes photos for quality and presentation, stages photos and allows platforms to feature their products. We believe Oda’s technology has a wide range of applications from real estate to e-commerce and beyond.


Oda Studio’s co-founders (from left to right): Hazal Mine Kansu (COO), Mert Karakus (CEO), Ege Ozgirin (CTO)


Oda Studio, a Y Combinator startup founded by a team of MIT graduates with extensive experience in artificial intelligence (AI), recently announced it raised $2.8 million to make their solution available globally. Founded by three MITers, Mert Karakus, Hazal Mine Kansu, and Ege Ozgirin, the company plans to use these funds to reach more property managers, brokerages and marketplaces around the world. To date, Oda Studio has acquired customers across three continents and various countries including the U.S., Mexico and Turkey. Since its launch in May 2021, their technology has processed more than 1 million images.


The Oda Studio platform is predicated on the idea that prospects looking to buy or rent a new property are first attracted to the listing photos, which are powerful marketing tools. Oda automatically optimizes real estate photo quality and presentation; stages photos with furniture, décor and electronics; and allows e-commerce platforms to feature their products in listing photos. Powered by AI, CGI and real-time market data, Oda produces targeted visuals to maximize user engagement. Before posting listings online, users can upload their listing photos to the Oda Studio website. Through Oda’s algorithms, the software automatically selects the best cover photo and improves image quality.


Oda Studio works closely with its customers to understand their preferences to optimize their experience. Insights from customer usage are applied continuously to improve their proprietary models. The team’s expertise in computer vision and CGI allows for quick and selective application of enhancements on property photos using cutting edge border detection and segmentation models.

— As Collective Spark, we are happy to welcome Y Combinator & MIT startup Oda Studio to our portfolio and to have co-invested alongside Navitas Capital.


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